Message of the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Syed Habib Bokhari


I feel honored and greatly privileged to lead Kohsar University Murree as it’s first Vice Chancellor. I am ambitious to benefit the community by transforming the existing challenges into opportunities during the infancy period of this institute. I am committed to provide students conducive resourceful environment equipped with the state of the art experimental laboratories and extensive hands on training by highly professional faculty for the accomplishment of world class professionals. It’s worth mentioning here that the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan inaugurated at Punjab House on April 23, 2021. We have been fortunate to receive generous funding for developing Infrastructure, attracting dedicated pluralistic research community to provide distinctive learning experience. Hiring of highly foreign qualified and experienced PhD’s is in plan before the start of five new programs of fall semester along with previous BS-programs. In the meanwhile, many young PhDs have joined us and in the years ahead I hope and see KUM:

  • Encouraging young brains to think vividly and independently in application of scientific knowledge to solve the complex issues of poverty and health exposed after the pandemic.
  • Promotion of great inter-disciplinary research center with high social and economic impact.
  • Active contributor in global knowledge of ecological protection and climate change.
  • Establishing and sustaining partnerships with national and international universities.
  • A forum for dialogue and engagement on critical local national or international issues.
  • Stands for integration and coherence, innovation, solution-oriented research and development, first-class infrastructure and high teaching quality integrating well the state-of-the-art knowledge relevant to both business and society.

In the end, I sincerely hope that the serene and highly conducive environment provided by the highly skilled and qualified faculty will certainly encourage our students to become part of a dynamic and thriving community of innovators, originators, and leaders. I assure them that I will continue to improve and enhance the learning environment at KUM to support all of our students in achieving their goals.