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Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology Kohsar University Murrree vision is to be the excellent and
premier Biotechnology and biomedical sciences platform at national and international level based on
excellence of the faculty, discovery centered educational programs and innovative multidisciplinary
research. We strive to pioneer the transfer of biotechnological sciences research into applications
that will advance and improve health care. To be an interactive community of scientific scholars
dedicated to exploring an evidence based understanding of human health and disease. Provide an
interactive scientific environment among faculty and students in biomedical and allied health
sciences provide a scholarly community in biotechnological sciences. Prepare students academically
and technically for biomedical sciences applications.


Prof. Dr. Syed Habib Ali Bokhari

Commonwealth Scholar & Fulbright fellow

Vice Chancellor Kohsar University Murree

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Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

PhD Biotechnology (Biomedical Engineering)
PostDoc Bio nanotechnology/ Biomedical Engineering Hanyang University South Korea
PostDoc Biotechnology Chonnam National Univesrsity South Korea
PhD Biotechnology Chonnam National University South Korea
Email: drimrankhan@kum.edu.pk

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Mr. Shahid Hussain



The department of Biotechnology has well equipped lab for biotech and MLT students experimental and research work. All the modern and necessary instruments and devices are available in the lab.