Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology Kohsar University Murrree vision is to be the excellent and
premier Biotechnology and biomedical sciences platform at national and international level based on
excellence of the faculty, discovery centered educational programs and innovative multidisciplinary
research. We strive to pioneer the transfer of biotechnological sciences research into applications
that will advance and improve health care. To be an interactive community of scientific scholars
dedicated to exploring an evidence based understanding of human health and disease. Provide an
interactive scientific environment among faculty and students in biomedical and allied health
sciences provide a scholarly community in biotechnological sciences. Prepare students academically
and technically for biomedical sciences applications.


New developments in the field of biotechnology have prompted the scientific community to recognize the need to decipher and interpret the knowledge and information contained within living organisms, as well as to use, exploit, modify, or improve existing biological processes in order to improve the quality of human life, either directly or indirectly. This ambition has prompted Kohsar University Murree to establish the Department of Biotechnology in order to accomplish and investigate various parts of life science through the use of cutting-edge technology. The department wants to broaden the scope of biotechnology in the country and provide students’ careers a new dimension.


The Department of Biotechnology’s mission is to provide the finest learning environment for students to cope them with the most up-to-date learning and research trends. The department’s goal is to ensure the quality education and research. Students will be encouraged to conduct basic research, develop advanced solutions, and solve real problems. Our objective is to provide a solid foundation for
cutting-edge research and to achieve excellence in all aspects of biotechnology.

Aims and Objectives:

• To train and educate students with innovative and emerging skills and technologies in the field of biomedical sciences
• To produce experts who can work with both academia and industry.
• To develop practical skills using the latest high-tech research equipment
• To unpack a practical and a theoretical understanding of the Biomedical techniques used in the biotechnology and Biomedical Eng. sector
• To produce expert scientific researchers, skilled trainers, qualified consultants and innovators in the field of Biomedical Sciences
• To develop biotechnology leaders with complementary skills in entrepreneurship

Future Opportunities:

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry that offers a variety of career options to qualified and experienced individuals. Graduates with a BS in Biotechnology will be able to work in a variety of government and private sector employment. National and International teaching and research organizations.
● Institutes of Public Health.
● Agriculture research centers
● Molecular Biology research organizations
● Biomedical Sciences
● Forensic science organizations
● Environment related agencies, Pest control & plant protection Institutes
● Wildlife conservation & Management organizations
● Pharmaceutical Industry
● Textile Industry
● Cosmetic Industry

Eligibility Criteria

For BS Biotechnology and BS MLT, FSc Pre-Medical with at least 45% marks.

For MS Biotechnology Students having BS Biotechnology with minimum 2.5 CGPA.


Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

Lecturer ( HOD)

Mr. Shahid Hussain



The department of Biotechnology has well equipped lab for biotech and MLT students experimental and research work. All the modern and necessary instruments and devices are available in the lab.