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Department of Psychology

Psychology is an emerging subject in the field of health and sciences. With the advancement in technology, there is a specific focus on the diseases of the brain and their treatment. The Department of Psychology is committed to the discovery of knowledge about mind, brain and behavior, and to sharing that knowledge and the research processes that produce it with our students and community. The department integrates undergraduate education, research and services activities to advance the overall mission of the university. The Department while keeping its emphasis on applied research intact substantially increased its teaching and training activities. Moreover, the Department will provide research facilities at MS/MPhil level in studying the racial attitudes and prejudice, different types of mental disorders, causes of gender and ethnic discrimination, intellectual abilities and aptitude in relation to cultural diversities, human resource management in relation to cultural belongings.

The field of psychology refers to the application of knowledge to develop better understanding of cognitive and behavioral patterns.  The department of Psychology at Kohsar University Murree (KUM) seeks to provide students with opportunity to engage in an intensive academic environment that includes multi-disciplinary, advanced research, and an entrepreneurial Skills. The Department of Psychology provides students with an opportunity to interact with renowned psychologists through national and international conferences for achieving the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and professional expertise.


To prepare professional psychologists for making contribution in diverse jobs like clinical psychologists, career counseling, academia, military services, special education, Social Walfare, aids control program, NGOs, HR, Marketing and Organizational Development conasultations.

educate students with the scientific knowledge of Psychology through proficient teaching, professional training, and modern research which will enable them to serve in diverse fields in general and psychological professional as particular.

To engage in psychological research and provide excellent teaching and service, informed and enhanced by our efforts to discover, synthesize and transmit knowledge.


The mission of department of Psychology is to prepare Ready to Serve Mental Health Professionals` through modern education, up-to-date research and practical exposure, for contributing in the mental health of the society.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To ensure that the students are aware of the nature, origin, history and scope of Psychology as a modern discipline and its relationship with other sciences
  2. To be aware of the different perspectives-functional systems and theories-used in Psychology in order to study, understand and explain its subject matter.
  3. To be aware of the experimental and experimental underpinning of the study of Psychology and develop a scientific approach to the subject.
  4. To be conversant with the biological, biochemical and genetic basis of behaviour.
  5. To be fully knowledgeable about the cognitive, behavioural and personality functioning of the individual: developmentally, interpersonally and socially.
  6. To be familiar with the methods it implies for studying (as it is) and changing behaviour (as it should be) and the strengths and weaknesses of these methods.
  7. To be aware of the moral and ethical implications of psychological theories, procedures and practices.
  8. To have a working knowledge of the application and the practice of Psychology in real life and have all the necessary skills to continue a specialist study later on and achieve professional qualifications.
  9. To be able to conceive, design, and conduct small scale research project and analyse the information and share it with other colleagues.
  10. To ensure that Psychology is taught as an applied discipline in scientist-reflective.
  11. To be conversant with the biological, biochemical, psychosocial and genetic basis of behaviour.
  12. Every student must participate in seminar and annual research papers in each course on current respective area of Psychology.
  13. The student should develop insight and personality growth through internship.
  14. Individually students need to inculcate the spirit of applying control over unbridled instinctive and impulsive actions, so that they acquire insight and behave on their rational judgment.