Department of Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences

Environmental sciences is an interdisciplinary field that deals with an assemblage of Physical, chemical, Biological and social sciences under one umbrella. The discipline of Environmental sciences deals with the direct and indirect interaction of human beings with environmental issues that influence the environmental laws and policies. Many of the most complex challenges will be environmental forcing people to divert their attention towards this field. Meeting these challenges will require problem solving abilities based in natural, social and management sciences, and other disciplines. Environmental Science is the application of a combination of scientific disciplines to issues and questions regarding environmental and socio-economic problems. Environmental degradation, energy crisis, water scarcity, food security; mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts are the major areas of concern in today’s world. The economy is moving towards “Green or low Carbon Economy” based on Carbon neutrality and valuation of ecosystem services. Its main focus is the protection and management of environment from the emerging pollutants nationally and globally through research and public awareness. The Environmental Sciences department at Kohsar University Murree (KUM) seeks to provide students with opportunity to engage in an intensive academic environment that includes multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge research, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem


As a premier higher education institution, the Kohsar University, Murree (KUM) aspires to be a leading provider of high-quality education in a broad range of disciplines, particularly those that are relevant to the needs of mountainous areas, while also striving for national and international competitiveness.


As a public university, KUM’s mission is to advance knowledge and improve the lives of impoverished people by providing access to outstanding higher education, entrepreneurship, and research opportunities to them. Apart from that, enhancing outreach participation of dynamic and brilliant young brains, particularly those from mountainous regions, is important. Kohsar University of Murree (KUM) will be known as a university that cultivates a diverse and inclusive community of internationally engaged, energetic, and skilled future leaders.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students seeking admissions in Fall-2022 and onwards must have HSSC (Pre-Medical/Pre-Engineering/Pre-Agriculture) degree with minimum 45% aggregate
  • Annex 3. Relevant document is attached


  • A 3-year diploma holder in Agriculture are also eligible for seeking admission in B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture