Department of English

Department of English

Department of English was founded in 2020 and since its creation, it has been highly productive. The department currently offers BS English along with certain diploma/certificate programs. However, the curricula of MS English have been approved by the statutory bodies. Wide subjects of literature and language are being taught to its currently enrolled students. One of the major aims of the department is to ensure the provision of a healthy and competitive environment to its students in order to make them productive, and highly competent professionals. All four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, are taken into focus so that students should be able to use English in real-life situations. The goal of quality teaching is attained by modern teaching techniques applied by highly qualified and well experienced teachers at the department.


The Department of English aspires to be a leading academic and research institute in the field of English Language and Literature. By providing a nurturing yet academically challenging environment it envisions developing a community of responsible, empathetic, intellectual, critical and creative individuals and thinkers equipped with an improved awareness and perception of the world around them. The Department of English is dedicated to provide excellence in literary and language studies. It aims to help shape individuals into outstanding scholars, teachers, researchers and responsible citizens; to promote and expand productive, innovative and diverse research that generates new literary approaches and contributes to the study of languages and literatures across the world.


Our aim is to prepare students with the knowledge of literature, language and culture through a variety of texts and to help them appreciate the power and impact of the study on the global community. Literate individuals of BS English can gather, analyze and communicate information effectively as well as think creatively and draw independent conclusions. The Department of English fosters these goals through learning and instructions in all areas of literatures written in English and in the production and reception of a variety of texts, including academic, professional and creative writing.

Our Values

Convey knowledge of literary history, literary forms, literary theory, and a wide variety of texts and a wide array of vocabularies and practices used to consider them. . Give students an understanding of an appreciation for the English language. . Provide students with sophisticated writing and critical thinking skills useful not only in the academy but also in the world at large. . Offers opportunities to explore identity, values, manners, and morals.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates holding F.A/F.Sc or equivalent qualification with at least 2nd division or equivalent grade shall be eligible for admission to BS Programme. The candidate shall have to fulfill all the eligibility criteria specified by the university in its policy.