Program Introduction

Bioinformatics is a broad scientific research field that combines Biology, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics and Statistics to drive the analysis of the vast amount of data associated with modern Bioscience. It involves the scientific interpretation with the computational information and analysis of various factors which affects the movement in our biological systems. Computers and software tools are extensively used for observations of these databases and preserve them for further analyses.

Aims and objectives

The Department of Bioinformatics at Kohsar University Murree was established in 2022 with the aim to promote an interdisciplinary Biological research. To achieve its goal, the department has designed the curriculum which is a unique blend of theory and practical. Currently the department is run by two faculty members with an aim to expand it further.


Department of Bioinformatics at Kohsar University Murree envisions to translate cellular processes from microbes to higher organisms in order to find scientific solutions to biological problems utilizing complex data analysis via Genomics, Proteomics and computational skills.


Faculty of the department of Bioinformatics aims to equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge of biological data analysis, modern drug discovery process, and applications of Cheminformatics. We focus to impart specific skill set to decode knowledge of local flora and fauna into products through applied genomics and complex data analysis for the discovery of novel therapeutic drugs to combat life threatening diseases Programs offered.

Eligibility Criteria

National and International candidates with at least 45% marks in F.Sc (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering or A level with Biology or Computer Science as major subject) or equivalent qualification  are eligible to apply for the admission in BS Program.


Nomenclature of the Program: Bachelor of Studies in Bioinformatics

Minimum Duration: Number of Years: 04

Number of Semester: 08 (02 semesters/year)

Upcoming Programs

Kohsar University


Program Introduction

Master of Science in Bioinformatics is a research-based degree program offered by the Department of Bioinformatics. The program comprises of both course work as well as research component. MS Bioinformatics will train the graduates to decipher the biological processes with the help of computational tools and to prepare them for further research and/or industry. The role of Bioinformatics in analysis and interpretation of biological mass data in the field of life sciences and medicinal research is indispensable. The program will produce scientists with vision who will be well equipped with the latest knowledge, tools and techniques and will be able to take on professional roles in industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates with 16-year of education in Bioinformatics, Computer Science/Software Engineering, Biological Sciences, or equivalent relevant disciplines with at least CGPA 2.50 out of 4 or 1st division wherein GPA system is not implemented.


Title: Bacterial Genomics – Tools and Applications

Eligibility Criteria: FA/ in Bioinformatics/Biological Sciences/Computer Sciences/ Biotechnology or equivalent in relevant disciplines


8 weeks

Program objectives:

This course is designed to cover the basics of Whole genome sequencing (WGS), WGS technology and applications. The course will enrich the students with a foundation for understanding bacterial surveillance, species identification, antibiotic resistance, typing and characterization, virulence factors identification, and plasmid characterization, Reverse vaccinology approaches and applications, drug designing methodology and tools and Secondary metabolite prediction. Students will use/practice on freely available tools for WGS analysis. Participants in the course will learn the skills necessary to compare bacterial genomes, starting with raw sequence data. Every lesson builds on the one before it, resulting in a full baseline analysis workflow.

Title: Computer Aided Drug Design

Eligibility Criteria FA/ in Bioinformatics/Biological Sciences/Computer Sciences/ Biotechnology or equivalent in relevant disciplines


4 weeks

Program objectives:

Keeping in view the locality of Murree which is home to diverse flora, the aim is to exploit local plants for medicinal purposes. Since the process of drug discovery is a laborious task, computational techniques have greatly assisted in this regard. The aim of this course is to make use computer software and tools for the purpose of drug designing. The course designed is a blend of theory and practical. Participants will learn how to screen natural products for finding potential hits in the process of drug discovery. The course will equip participants with key steps involved in the process of computational drug design.


Dr. Sara Sarfaraz

Assistant Professor, HOD


Mr. Muhammad Shehroz