Study at KUM

Study at KUM

Kohsar University Murree with its beautiful 4 campuses is located right in the middle of moist temperate forest, scenic, serene, and amicable environment of Murree. Murree is a mountain resort city in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal Range covered with lush green trees. The 4 campuses of Kohsar University Murree are Punjab House Campus, Jhika Gali Campus, GPO campus at Mall Road, and VC Secretariat at Kashmir Point.

The vision of Kohsar University Murree is empowering the students to fulfill their academic and professional passion in a university that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive for all students, faculty, and staff. Kohsar University Murree is trying to create innovative connections among education, humanities, tourism, social sciences, health Sciences and art.

The mission of kohsar university Murree is to acknowledge the diverse needs, experience, and ambition of our students, staff, and work together to ensure a mutually supportive, professional, and learning community. Our students are the heart of our community. In everything we do, we strive to deliver an outstanding learning experience.

Kohsar University Murree has successfully established the following departments with highly qualified faculty. They are offering different skill-based programs for the students and are giving strong hope for a bright future.

Active Departments

  1. The Department of Computer Science
  2. Software Engineering
  3. The Department of Environmental Sciences
  4. The Department of English
  5. The Department of Botany
  6. The Department of Physics
  7. The Department of Art and Design
  8. The Department of Forestry and Range Management
  9. The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  10. The Department of Biotechnology
  11. The Department of Psychology
  12. The Department of Bioinformatics
  13. The Department of Microbiology
  14. The Department of MLT
  15. The Department of Political Science
  16. The Department of Urdu
  17. The Department of Statistics
  18. The Department of Sociology