To be amongst the top institutions in the world with a great environment for promoting high-impact applied research, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


To foster a collaborative atmosphere among researchers, financial sources, and industries in order to raise the research and development environment at Kohsar University through a knowledge-based economy through research, innovation, development, commercialization, and entrepreneurship


  • Outstanding research
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Business ownership
  • Coordination
  • Community service

Competitive Advantage

KUM offers a competitive advantage over many HEIs in the nation due to its unique location in Murree, where there are many prospects for research, innovation, and commercialization particularly in the fields of the mountain environment such as forestry, mountain agriculture, and ecotourism etc. Murree could be converted into natural lab where R&D outcomes can be integrated over whole northern areas of Pakistan and region. With the aid of HEC, additional local, national, and international donors, as well as ORIC, KUM will soon assist in achieving its main goals of a knowledge-based economy.


Prof. Dr. Ramla Shahid Director ORIC
Kubra Fida Computer Operator
Tariq Mehmood Accountant

ORIC Contact

ORIC Official web link : kum.edu.pk/index.php/ORIC

ORIC Office email Address : directororic@kum.edu.pk

ORIC office Contact Number : 051-9269108

ORIC office Address: Jhika Gali Campus Kohsar University Murree