The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) is an annual physics competition for high school students. Teams from different countries participate in the tournament, presenting and defending their solutions to open-ended physics problems in Physics Fights. The competition focuses on promoting critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork while fostering a spirit of collaboration and fair play. The jury evaluates the teams based on their scientific content, creativity, ability to defend their ideas, co creation and understanding of physics principles. Alongside the competition, social events and cultural exchange activities provide opportunities for participants to interact and build international friendships & promote Science Diplomacy (STEM education)

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Problems for the 36th IYPT 2023

Released by the IOC on July 24th, 2022.
1. Fractal Fingers
The effect of fractal fingering can be observed if a droplet of an ink-alcohol mixture is deposited onto diluted acrylic paint. How are the geometry and dynamics of the fingers influenced by relevant parameters?
2. Oscillating Sphere
A light sphere with a conducting surface is suspended from a thin wire. When the sphere is rotated about its vertical axis (thereby twisting the wire) and then released, it starts to oscillate. Investigate how the presence of a magnetic field affects the motion.
3. Siren
If you direct an air flow onto a rotating disk with holes, a sound may be heard. Explain this phenomenon and investigate how the sound characteristics depend on the relevant parameters.
4. Coloured Line
When a compact disc or DVD is illuminated with light coming from a filament lamp in such a way that only rays with large angles of incidence are selected, a clear green line can be observed. The colour varies upon slightly changing the angle of the disc. Explain and investigate this phenomenon.
5. Whistling Mesh
When a stream of water hits a rigid metal mesh within a range of angles, a whistling tone may be heard. Investigate how the properties of the mesh, stream and angle affect the cha­rac­teristics of the sound produced.
6. Magnetic-Mechanical Oscillator
Secure the lower ends of two identical leaf springs to a non-magnetic base and attach magnets to the upper ends such that they repel and are free to move. Investigate how the movement of the springs depends on relevant parameters.
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  • IYPT 2023 in Pakistan to be held from 18th of July (Arrivals) till 25rd of July (Departures).
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    • Early bird reg. fee: 30th of April
    • Reg. of Team Leaders & Visitors: 15th of May
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Kohsar University Murree

Kohsar University Murree is set to make a significant mark in the world of physics by hosting the prestigious 36th International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) in collaboration with PYIMS and IYPT. This highly anticipated event will bring together talented young minds from around the globe to engage in rigorous scientific debates and problem-solving challenges. With its picturesque location in Murree, Pakistan, Kohsar University provides an ideal setting for the exchange of ideas and the fostering of scientific curiosity. The collaboration between Kohsar University, PYIMS, and IYPT promises to create a memorable and enriching experience for the participants, solidifying the university’s reputation as a hub for scientific excellence and innovation.


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