Department of Food Science and Technology


BS Programs


Department of Food Science and Technology was established May, 2022. In Pakistan Food Science and Technology programs typically housed under the Agriculture and Food Sciences Departments, enjoy significant demand due to the abundant job opportunities they offer in both the public and private sectors.

Some of the noteworthy BS degree programs in this field include:

  1. BS in Food Science and Technology
  2. BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. BS in Food and Nutrition

These programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various aspects of the food industry, from food production and technology to human nutrition and dietetics. With their wide-ranging curriculum, they cater to the growing need for professionals in this sector, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to contribute to the field and meet the demands of the job market. Significance of Food and Nutrition Program


At the Department of Food Science, Koshar University Murree, our vision is to become a premier institution dedicated to advancing the fields of Food and Nutritional Sciences, gaining recognition as the foremost source for knowledge, pioneering research, and innovation in these critical disciplines. So the statement of vision is


“To be a premier institution in Food and Nutritional Sciences, leading in knowledge, research, a innovation”


“Our mission is to provide comprehensive education and practical expertise in Food Science and Nutrition. We cultivate critical thinkers who drive meaningful advancements through relevant research, addressing key sector challenges.”


Kohsar University Murree, owing to its strategic geographic location, is poised to play a pivotal role in bolstering the tourism industry in Murree. The university has taken proactive steps by introducing degree programs that are aligned with the domains of food, nutrition, hospitality, and tourism, a key sector that form the lifeblood of the local communities.

These programs are meticulously designed to empower students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, preparing them to become highly proficient professionals, not only for the domestic market but also for international opportunities.

The Food Science and technology graduates will find a multitude of employment prospects in both government and private sectors, including:

  • Academia and Universities
  • Provincial and Federal Food Departments
  • Food Safety Authorities
  • Research Institutes
  • Food Professionals in UN Organizations
  • Health Institutes, including Hospitals
  • Food Industries
  • Hostels and Tourism Departments
  • Food Entrepreneurship

BS Degree Programs

  • BS in Food Science and Technology
  • BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BS in Food and Nutrition

Admission Requirement

  • Minimum 45% score in HSSC/A-Level or equivalent in relevant field and no 3rd division in SSC or equivalent + Interview
  • A person holding F.Sc pre-medical/pre-engineering/ICS/ICT is eligible to apply for admission of BS program of Food technology Department
  • A person having post higher secondary 2 years Associate Degree in Food Science & Technology will be eligible for direct entry in 5th semester of BS program
  • Person having three year’s post-secondary education diploma in Food Science/Food Technology/Food Science & Technology/Dairy from any recognized institute of Pakistan will be eligible for BS program

Degree Duration

  • BS Food Science and technology is Four years degree program as per HEC guideline

Research Facilities

  • The following major research equipment’s are available at Kohsar University Murree:
    • Next Generation sequencer iSeq 100
    • LC-MS
    • Fluorescence microscope
    • Ultracentrifuge
    • Real Time PCR
    • Tissue culture facility
    • Gradient PCR
    • Automatic tissue processor
    • ELISA plate reader

    In addition, a smart campus comprising of most reliable internet connectivity through sufficiently large bandwidth with unlimited data download and upload facilities for both students and faculty has been constructed with support from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Faculty and Staff members

Dr. Talat Mahmood

Associate professor and Chairperson

PhD- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 2013
Fully funded fellowship on advance nuclear and Molecular techniques
along with  PT scheme preparation for ISO-17043,
form BRIN Indonesia under IAEA fellowship program under Technical
cooperation project.
Lead auditor course for accreditation of laboratory for ISO-17025:2017 and remained Technical Manager food testing Lab NIFA for five years

  • Associate Professor Department of Food Science and Technology KUM
  • Former Senior Scientist Food Technology, Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture NIFA, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PARC Islamabad
  • Former Assistant Professor at The University of Haripur
  • Former Dy. Director QEC at The University of Haripur
  • Former AGRICULTURE OFFICER at Agriculture Department Punjab

Project Awarded: 
Project Title:  Production of indigenous food bio-preservatives from the microflora isolated from the fermented dairy products (AS-221)

  • Duration: Two years
  • Status: Completed
  • Budget: 2.87 Million
  • Funded agency: Agriculture Linkage Program (ALP), PARC

Project Title:  Development & production of probiotic foods by using bio-preservation techniques (203)

  • Duration: Three years
  • Status: Approved
  • Budget: 10 Million
  • Funded agency: SPD, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

More than 25 international publications in repute journal of world