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The Department of Chemistry has a comprehensive set of aims that are focused on advancing research, education, and societal contributions in the field of Chemistry. One of the primary aims is to provide students with an exceptional education and equip them with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The department aims to cultivate a deep understanding of chemical principles, analytical techniques, and laboratory practices. By offering a rigorous academic curriculum, the department aims to develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and scientific creativity among its students.

Another aim of the department is to foster a vibrant research environment that promotes cutting-edge scientific investigations. Through faculty-led research projects, collaborations, and interdisciplinary initiatives, the department aims to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge. The department is committed to exploring various branches of Chemistry, including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry. By conducting research, the department aims to address scientific challenges, make discoveries, and contribute to scientific innovations that have the potential to impact society at large.

Furthermore, the department aims to engage in interdisciplinary research endeavors that extend beyond traditional boundaries. By collaborating with other departments and research institutions, the department seeks to explore the interface of Chemistry with other fields such as biology, physics, materials science, environmental science, and medicine. The aim is to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and leverage collective expertise to address complex scientific problems and contribute to interdisciplinary advancements.

The department also aims to serve the community and the country through its research initiatives and expertise. By focusing on research areas that have relevance to societal challenges, such as environmental sustainability, energy production, healthcare, and materials development, the department aims to provide solutions that can positively impact society. Additionally, the department aims to engage in outreach activities, knowledge dissemination, and collaboration with industry and government organizations to foster technology transfer and contribute to the economic development of the country.

BS Chemistry

BS and BS (Lateral) programs will be launched soon.

MS Chemistry

MS Chemistry has been launched successfully at Department of Chemistry, KUM.


Our vision is to be a world-class department that provides an excellent education and conducts cutting-edge research in a collaborative environment. We will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across all levels of the department. We will provide an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, as well as scientific cultural awareness and sensitivity. We will offer opportunities for professional development, mentoring, and leadership training for all our students, faculty, staff members, and research scientists. One of the main objectives of our department is to focus on the problem based research keeping in view the local problems of Murree and to utilize the natural resources available here in various fields of chemistry.


The mission of Department of Chemistry is to introduce the students with advanced level research and theoretical knowledge with which they can contribute to the scientific innovations worldwide. Our department is determined to solve the problems of the community and the country focusing the research in different fields of Chemistry and also interdisciplinary research.