Clubs Societies

Students Adventure Club

Vision: To create a community of adventurous individuals who seek to explore the world and push their limits while fostering a sense of camaraderie and respect for nature.

Mission: Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to engage in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and other challenging activities. We strive to promote environmental stewardship, teamwork, and personal growth through safe and responsible adventure.

Sr. No Name Department Designation Semester Phone Number
1 Zain Ali TH&M President 2nd 0310-5851582
2 Shumaila Tahir TH&M Vice .President 2nd 0325-9749250
3 Mahab Khateeb TH&M Secretary 4th 0316-5458442
4 Malaika Khan TH&M Member 1st 0308-5748002
5 Faizan Abbasi TH&M Member 4th 0310-5224879
6 Muhammad Mansoor TH&M Member 2nd 0308-8929937
7 Kashif Abid TH&M Member 4th 0315-0501663
8 Sardar Okasha TH&M Member 4th 0333-1924775
9 Mubashir TH&M Member 1st 0321-5057838
10 Maimoona Saeed English Member 0303-9806335
11 Wafa Anwar TH&M Member 2nd 0314-5776226
12 Nimra Zabeer TH&M Member 2nd 0300-5262733
13 SAif Ullah Habib TH&M Member 2nd 0333-5591574

Students Culinary Club

Vision: To cultivate a passion for cooking, baking, and culinary arts among students while fostering a community of food lovers and future professionals.

Mission: Our mission is to provide a platform for students to explore different cuisines, learn new cooking techniques, and share their culinary creations with others. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students can develop their skills, network with industry professionals, and have fun while doing it.

Sr. No Name Department Designation Semester Phone Number
1 Nimra Zabeer TH&M President 2nd 0300-5262733
2 Malaika Khan TH&M Vice .President 1st 0308-5748002
3 Muhammad Muzammil TH&M Secretary 2nd 0310- 5426361
4 Faizan Abbasi TH&M Member 4th 0310-5224879
5 Muhammad Mansoor TH&M Member 2nd 0308-8929937
6 Kashif Abid TH&M Member 4th 0315-0501663
7 Shumaila Tahir TH&M Member 2nd 0325-9749250
8 Sardar Okasha TH&M Member 4th 0333-1924775
9 Maimoona Saeed English Member 0303-9806335
10 Ahmed Hassan TH&M Member 4th 0325-5744885
11 Fahad Abbasi TH&M Member 4th 0308-5695899
12 Wafa Anwar TH&M Member 2nd 0314-5776226
13 Mian Maooz TH&M Member 4th 0345-9866375

English Literary Society


The vision of English Literary Society is to take measures that will ensure passion for creativity and language learning among students. To develop love and interest of students in English language and literature by providing them a platform in the form of a society.

Mission: The mission of English Literary Society is to ensure that in every session, various literary activities take place that enhance confidence and brain storming abilities of students. The society plans to design multiple competition based programs to conduct every semester in order to bring literary gems out of university students; these programs include debates, poetry recitation, story writing and narration, and public speaking. These inter-departmental programs will help develop healthy air of competition amongst university students. Not only inter-departmental programs would be held but also, the society will make sure to participate in national and international literary events and contests taking place at various universities and student friendly platforms.


President: Sheraz Ahmed.

Vice-President: Moazma Javed.

General Secretary: Farrakh Zaman.

Secretary Information: Hassan Sajid Abbasi.

Secretary Finance: Fabia Dawood.

Secretary Media Management: Moawaz Abbasi.

Event Organisers : Jawad Khan, and Inzimam-ul-haq.

Computing Society


Vision of a computing society is one where computing technology are harnessed to create a positive impact on society, enabling innovation, inclusivity, sustainability, and human well-being. It is a future where technology serves as a powerful tool for solving global challenges, empowering individuals, and creating a better world for everyone. However, it is important to consider the ethical implications and potential risks associated with the rapid advancement of computing technologies to ensure that the vision of a computing society aligns with the values and interests of humanity as a whole. Responsible and thoughtful development, deployment, and usage of computing technologies are critical to shape a positive vision of a computing society. So, it is important to continuously assess and adapt our vision of a computing society as technology helps in Hyperconnected World, Intelligent Automation, Digital Economy, Personalized Experiences, Ethical and Inclusive Computing, Sustainable Computing, Lifelong Learning, Human-Centric Computing and Global Collaboration.


The mission of a computing society is to advance technology for the benefit of humanity, empower individuals and communities by democratizing access to computing resources, promote ethical and responsible computing practices, leverage computing technologies for positive social impact and sustainability, foster education and lifelong learning, facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, prioritize human-centric computing, engage globally and promote social responsibility, and advocate for policies that ensure responsible and beneficial use of computing technologies, ultimately contributing to the advancement of society and addressing global challenges in a responsible and inclusive manner.

Computing Society

  1. President: Kinza Akabar
  2. Vice-president: Wardah Hareem
  3. General Secretary: Naqash Asad
  4. Secretary Information: Shehryar Razi
  5. Secretary Finance: Mavia Kamran
  6. Secretary Media Management: Minahil Qadeer
  7. Event Organizer: Ayesha Akabar

Arts & Culture Society

The KUM Arts & Culture Society is a student group at KUM with the mission of uniting individuals with
creative talents and encouraging them to better their artistic and imaginative abilities. The organization
aims to promote appreciation of art among KUM students and to encourage art production. It aims to
actively engage in both educational and recreational purposes.
Everyone who likes to create art or who appreciates and enjoys seeing it belongs to this society. This
society not only provides with the opportunity to study, work, and develop, but also inspires to pursue
their artistic efforts.
To serve as a platform for promoting the arts as a talent, as well as a means of advancing peace and
harmony and promoting it in community.
The Arts & Culture Society offers members of the KUM community a platform for sharing and expressing
their passion for all types of art and craft. It seeks to develop creative abilities and cultivate an
appreciation for the arts both on and off campuses. And value and promote culture diversity among
community & in the student body and aim to organize events ranging from workshops, talks,
competitions, and fieldtrips to art and craft related destinations

Student Body
Sr. Name Department Designation
1 Sahar Anjum Arts & Design President
2 M. Aqib Abbasi Arts & Design Vice President
3 Farwa Jafri Psychology Event Organizer
4 Rabia Rashid Arts & Design General Secretary
5 Schumaila Tahir Tourism Secretary Information
6 Zarwisha Talib Arts & Design Secretary Finance
7. Maliha Bano Psychology Secretary Media Management
8. Zarafsha Akhtar Psychology Creativity Director
9. Malaika Khan Tourism & Hospitality Human Resource Directo

Environmental Health Society

Focal Person: Dr. Sumaira Maqsood

President: Iqra Munir Abbasi

Vice President: Aneeba Amir

General Sectary: Abdullah Pervaiz

Sectary Information: Muskan Ahmed

Sectary Finance: Rafia Rashid Abbasi

Sectary Media Management: Sohail Khateeb

Event Organizer: Kanzul Eman, Sadeeqa Bibi, Laiba Sadiq, and Tasmia Ashfaq

Vision and Mission

The vision of an Environmental Health Society would likely be to create a sustainable and healthy environment for all living beings, including humans, animals, and plants. This would involve promoting sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing pollution and waste, and ensuring equitable access to clean air, water, and food. The goal would be to achieve a state of balance between human activities and the natural world, where human well-being is optimized without compromising the health of the planet.

The mission of an Environmental Health Society would likely be to educate the public about the importance of environmental health, advocate for policies and practices that promote sustainability, and support research that helps to better understand the complex interactions between humans and the environment. This would involve collaborating with government agencies, community organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies for protecting and preserving the environment. The mission would also likely involve working to address environmental injustices and ensure that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, has access to a healthy and safe environment


Focal Person: Dr. Sumaira Maqsood

President: Safa Imtiaz

Vice President: Jannat Zaka

General Sectary: Sehar Shahid

Sectary Information: Kiran Riaz

Sectary Finance: Arfa Qaiser

Sectary Media Management: Hafsa Abdullah

Event Organizer: Laiba Sadaqat and Maryam Khalid Abbasi


The vision of a Biodiversity, Plant and Animal Health Society would likely be to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the earth’s biological diversity, including plants, animals, and other living organisms. This would involve protecting and preserving ecosystems and their biodiversity, as well as promoting the sustainable use of natural resources in a way that benefits both human societies and the natural world.

The mission of a Biodiversity, Plant and Animal Health Society would likely be to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and its connection to human health and well-being. This would involve educating the public, policymakers, and stakeholders about the critical role that biodiversity plays in maintaining ecosystem health and functioning, and the potential consequences of its loss. Additionally, the society would promote research and scientific collaboration to better understand the complex interactions between biodiversity, human activities, and ecosystem health.

The society would also aim to promote plant and animal health, recognizing the important role that healthy ecosystems play in supporting a diverse array of species. This would involve advocating for policies and practices that support the protection and conservation of endangered species, as well as promoting sustainable practices in agriculture, forestry, and other land-use activities to minimize the impact of human activities on natural habitats. Ultimately, society’s mission would be to foster a sustainable and healthy relationship between humans and the natural world, recognizing that a healthy planet is essential for the well-being of all species.

KUM Mental Health Society

The Mental Health Society promotes improved mental well being for all individuals
through education, support and advocacy.
It describes what we believe to be a future we can help create, one which has significant
improvements in the state of mental well being for all.
Our vision is to improve the lives of those living with mental illness and provide emotional
wellness for individuals and families. As we strive to deliver services and support necessary to
improve the quality of life for children, youth, and adults with mental illness and addictive
Focal Person:
Ms Shaista Mobeen
1.Muhammad Zeyam President
2.Shanza Farooq Vice President
3.Wasia Javed General Sec.
4.Warda Yasir Event Manager
5.Tabish Abbasi Finance Sec.
Zoya Khalid
Manazah Noor
Alishba Mansoor
Rabia Basri
Hadiqa Bibi

Public Health Society


Our vision is to create a healthier and more equitable world, where everyone has access to the resources and knowledge they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives


Mission Statement: Our mission is to empower students to make a positive impact on the health of their communities through education, advocacy, and service. We strive to:

Educate: Provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to promote public health and prevent disease in their communities.

Advocate: Raise awareness of public health issues and advocate for policies and programs that support health equity and social justice.

Serve: Engage in service projects and community outreach activities that improve health outcomes and promote well-being for all.


Sr. NO Names Designation Department
1 Nayyab Tanveer President Biotechnology
2 Minhal Fatima Vice President MLT
3 Zainab Sultan General Secretary MLT
Sr.No Names Designation Department
1 Alishba Mansoor Member MLT
2 Fatima Member MLT
3 Subhan Member MTL
4 Sidra Member MLT
5 Maheen Member Biotechnology
6 Kiran Member MLT
7 Alisha saboor Member BS Botany
8 Atka manzoor Member BS Botany
9  Kanzul Eman Member BS  Environmental  Sciences
10  Maryam Khalid Member BS Microbiology
11 Hajra Naseer Member Biotechnology
12 Ayesha Ishfaq Member Biotechnology

Students Tourism Society

Vision: To promote the tourism industry and its positive impact on the local community, economy, and culture while providing opportunities for students to gain practical experience and connect with professionals in the field.

Mission: Our mission is to educate and inspire students about the diverse aspects of the tourism industry, including hospitality, travel, and destination management. We aim to organize events, workshops, and networking opportunities to enable students to gain valuable insights and skills and develop a passion for promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Sr. No Name Department Semester Designation Phone Number
1 Waji Abbasi TH&M 4th President 0318-5606006
2 Wafa Anwar TH&M 2nd Vice President 0314-5776226
3 Faizan Abbasi TH&M 4th Member 0310-5224879
4 Muhammad Mansoor TH&M 2nd Member 0308-8929937
5 Kashif Abid TH&M 4th Member 0315-0501663
6 Shumaila Tahir TH&M 2nd Member 0325-9749250
7 Sardar Okasha TH&M 4th Member 0333-1924775
8 Mubashir TH&M 1st Member 0321-5057838
9 Mahab Khateeb TH&M 4th Member 0316-5458442
10 Abdul Wahab TH&M 4th Member 0317-5927217
11 Ahmed Hassan TH&M 4th Member 0325-5744885
12 Sarmad Abbasi TH&M 2nd Member 0303-0248677
13 Fahad Abbasi TH&M 4th Member 0308-5695899
14 Tayyab Abbasi TH&M 4th Member 0304-7087917
15 Nimra Zabeer TH&M 2nd member 0300-5262733
16 Mian Maooz TH&M 4th member 0345-9866375

Sports society KUM

Our mission is to provide a platform to our students, where they can showcase their
talent. To provide our players opportunities to represent their university at a greater
level and conduct events of national level.
We visualize KUM sports society in the top universities which organize National level
championships and produce great players which will represent Pakistan. Engagement of
every student in physical healthy activity is important and we expect to organize as many
in house activities so that an environment of healthy competition and keeping yourself fit
could be created around the University.
1. creating awareness amongst students about the benefits of physical activities on
2. Promoting sociability in students of KUM
3. Talent hunt programs for different sports
4. Promoting and polishing the talent of sportsmen to make them capable of
representing KUM at higher levels.
5. Building sportsmanship amongst students.
6. Helping the students to improve confidence, courage and patience.
7. Working to resolve the issues faced by the sports department.
8. Merit will be our first priority
 Firstly, this society will organize seminars to highlight the importance of sports and
physical activities for our health and well-being.
 We will motivate the students to spend their leisure time positively by
participating in healthy activities.
 We will organize inter and intra-departmental sports activities to create a sense of
cooperation and sportsmanship in students.
 Keeping in mind the shortage of resources, we will try to provide the students best
of the facilities

Vision and Mission of STEM Society KUM


To develop an environment that is both demanding and full of possibilities for all our students (from school to college, and university) to become lifelong learners. By providing alternative learning opportunities, STEM education may help students reach their full potential, identify, and build on their own talents, and guarantee they are prepared for the difficulties they will encounter in the future.


To prepare, every student should receive a high-quality education for future professions in STEM-related fields and to increase public understanding of how these fields affect our daily lives.

To promote curiosity, inventiveness, and creativity by offering a variety of experiential learning opportunities connected to the four distinct STEM disciplines throughout the academic year, all of which place an emphasis on the application of knowledge to real-life circumstances, and

To improve students’ critical thinking, initiative, adaptability, teamwork, problem-solving, resilience, leadership, and communication abilities.


List of Members


Dr. Sami Ullah (Focal Person)

Mahnoor Abbasi (Biotechnology) – President

Filza Abbasi (Biotechnology) – Vice President

Hammad (MLT-2) – Secretary

Maheen Nadeem (Biotech) – Members

Shafique (MLT-2) – Members

Eman (MLT-1) – Members

Hashir Khan (Microbiology) – Members

Sajid Masood (Microbiology) – Members

Samia Pervaiz (Microbiology) – Members

Asim – (Department of Computer Science)

Mowaiz – (Department of Computer Science)

Menahil Mustafa (Department of Forestry) – Members

Sehrish Nawaz (Department of Forestry) – Members