Department of Forestry and Range Management

Kohsar University


The Kohsar University offers a dedicated and conducive teaching environment as well as excellent research facilities and opportunities in well-established disciplines of Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Forestry, Microbiology Psychology, Sociology, English, Botany, Mathematics and Tourism & Hospitality. The university will provide the best opportunities for the personal and educational grooming of the students through its highly qualified faculty enabling the students to cope with the challenges of this modern age.

BS Forestry

Pakistan has meager forest resources and presently due to the continued deforestation and forest degradation, the negative environmental impacts on forestry sectors demanding urgent attention for this sector for better Ecosystem management. Realizing the importance & location of the Kohsar University Murree, the university has put the mountain forestry resource conservation and management at the top of its agenda to play its regional as well as national role in Forestry sector. This role could be played efficiently through advance degree programs including BS and Master degree program in Forestry. This might be flagship program of KUM later on. Initially undergraduate degree in Forestry will provide highest learning opportunities to budding scientists local as well as from across the country to become professional foresters to serve the nation. Being located in natural mountainous forests the BS Forestry Program of KUM is mandated to impart forestry education with main focus on mountain forestry. The indigenous knowledge and practices will also be considered for practical forestry operations. This will help the graduates in their professional lives later on. 


To produce professional foresters with ample knowledge & skills of mountainous and plain forest conservation and sustainable management of forest resources.


The mission of program in Forestry (Department of Forestry and Rangeland Management) KU Murree is to impart quality education in Forestry by creating an intellectual, collaborative, ethical and inclusive environment for students, faculty, industry and community to produce innovative education, leadership and research opportunities for clean and green resilient Pakistan. The forestry program is meant to be unique in terms of contributing excellence in preserving and protecting the nature for sustainable Ecotourism as well as ameliorating the climate change impact. It is envisioned that the communities will be actively engaged in Ecosystem Restoration for sustainable management of forest resources.


Nomenclature of the Program: Bachelor of Forestry

Minimum Duration: Number of Years: 04

Number of Semester: 08 (02 semesters/year)

Admission criteria

F.Sc. (Pre-medical), ICT General Group, DAE in civil engineering or equivalent

Offering Campus (es)

  • Boys Campus/RCM


Since the recent inception of KUM, it has been actively gathering world-class faculty and created interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research groups, who collectively take part in the teaching and training programs leading to the degree of BS Forestry.

  • Dr. Muhammad Ameen (Ph.D. China)
  • Dr. Muhammad Qasim (Ph.D. Pakistan)
  • Dr. Summar Sohail (Ph.D. China)
  • Prospective faculty including Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professors and Lecturers will join in August 2021.