Faculty Members

Department of Botany

Name Designation
Mr. Majid Aijaz Assistant Professor
Mr. Farooq Inam Lecturer
Ms. Shafia Farooq Lecturer
Dr. Aiman Hina Assistant Professor IPFP

Department of English

Name Designation
Dr. M. Gulfaraz Abbasi Associate Professor
Mr. Hanif Khokhar Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Adnan Assistant Professor
Mr. M. Mazhar Mushtaq Assistant Professor
Ms. Faiza Hayat Assistant Professor
Ms. Erum Fakhar Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

Name Designation
Ms. Tanzeela Bashir Assistant Professor
Ms. Nuzhat Irshad Lecturer
Mr. Suleman Ahmed Lecturer
Ms. Zaira Rashid Lecturer
Mr. Basharat Rehman Ali Lecturer

Department of Psychology

Name Designation
Mr. Muhammad Sulman Associate Professor
Ms. Saima Ali Assistant Professor
Mr. Omar Farooq Lecturer

Department of Sociology

Name Designation
Ms. Sharjeela Lecturer
Mr. Akbar Ali Lecturer

Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Management

Name Designation
Mr. Muhammad Nauman Lecturer
Ms. Zainab Raja Lecturer
Mr. Aftab Ur Rahman Chairman PTDC, Visiting Faculty
Mr. Adil Khan CEO, Aryana Group of Hospitality, Visiting Faculty
Ms. Faiza Hayat Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Name Designation
Mr. Ahmed Mumtaz Mustehsan Lecturer, Visiting Faculty
Dr. Fahad S. Khan Assistant Professor, Visiting Faculty
Mr. Sohrab Sattar DataBase Administrator, Lecturer

Department of Biosciences

Name Designation
Dr. Syed Habib A. Bokhari Professor
Dr. Masood ur Rehman Kayani Assistant Professor, Visiting Faculty
Dr. Samina Shaheen Assistant Professor, Visiting Faculty
Dr. M. Salabat Khan Assistant Professor, IPFP

Department of Forestry and Range Land Management

Name Designation
Dr. Muhammad Ameen Assistant Professor
Dr. Summar Sohail Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Qasim Assistant Professor

Other Faculty Members

Name Designation
Mr. Muhammad Tariq Siddique Assistant Professor (Economics)
Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Mr. Amjad Zia Assistant Professor (Urdu)
Mr. Tariq Mehmood Abbasi Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Ms. Saira Rashid Assistant Professor (Urdu)
Mr. Sabeer Ahmed Abbasi Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Mr. Masood Ahmed Assistant Professor (Statistics)
Ms. Shabnum Afshan Assistant Professor (Political Science)
Mr. Munawar Ahmed Lecturer (Urdu)
Mr. M. Ashfaq Abbasi Lecturer (Urdu)
Ms. Amna Farid Lecturer (Urdu)
Ms. Jaweria Abbasi Lecturer (Statistics)
Mr. Usman Ghafoor Lecturer (Statistics)
Mr. Muhammad Khalis Lecturer (Geography)
Mr. M. Naseer-ul-Hassan Lecturer (History)
Mr. Muttahir Bashir Lecturer (History)
Mr. Hafiz Zafar Mehmood Lecturer (Islamic Studies)
Mr. Muhammad Tauseef Lecturer (Physics)
Ms. Rabia Rasool Lecturer (Physics)
Ms. Rabia Urooj Anjum Lecturer (Physical Education)
Ms. Zarba Dilbar Lecturer (Chemistry)
Mr. Usman Siddique Alvi Lecturer (Management Sciences)
Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Assistant Professor, IPFP (International Relations)
Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba Assistant Professor, IPFP (Food Technology)
Dr. Niaz Ali Khan Assistant Professor, IPFP (Physics)
Dr. Saz Muhammad Assistant Professor, IPFP (Chemistry)