Kohsar University


The Kohsar University offers a dedicated and conducive teaching environment as well as excellent research facilities and opportunities in well-established disciplines of Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Forestry, Microbiology Psychology, Sociology, English, Botany, Mathematics and Tourism & Hospitality. The university will provide the best opportunities for the personal and educational grooming of the students through its highly qualified faculty enabling the students to cope with the challenges of this modern age.


Sociology is the systematic learning of values in a human society. The subject matter of sociology ranges from micro to macro level and emphasis is laid on the organized and logical understanding of culture, society, social institutions and social interactions, and all other phenomena surround-ing everyday human life. It offers numerous distinct paradigms on the world, creating innovative ideas and scrutinizing the old. Sociology practices approaches of empiricism to build a body of knowledge with a variety of research methods and techniques, which can be applied to any phase of public life like patterns of family life, education reforms, emotions and feelings, business downsizing, delinquency, crime, social welfare, or conflict management, war or peace etc. It also critically analyses and investigates the interactions among social groups, organizations and societies within the contexts. A gradation in Sociology provides the abilities required to understand society and social interactions in a diverse way. The graduates give their services in educational institutes, criminal justice systems, social services, public administration and various other public and private orga-nizations. Since sociology focusses the utmost challenging and interesting subjects of our time, it is a rapidly growing arena whose potential is pro-gressing by policy makers. This platform will provide scholars numerous opportunities to progress and relate these skills by research and experien-tial learning in our society.

Vision and Mission:

  • To teach the concrete concepts, theories, tools of research of sociology.
  • To fill the competencies, skills and capabilities to understand the substantive fields of sociological research.
  • To establish the scientific knowledge required to prepare them theoretical, rigorous and multidimensional analysis of social processes at micro and macro levels.
  • To prepare insightful researchers who can contribute to the body of knowledge and can under stand the problems of Pakistani society holistically, locally and globally
  • To produce responsible and proactive members for the society and to contribute to their circle of influence, by having better understandings of the complex social phenomena.
  • To understand multifaceted social realities by having out of the box thinking and viewing the big picture from emic and etic perspective.