Department of Computer Science

Kohsar University


The Kohsar University offers a dedicated and conducive teaching environment as well as excellent research facilities and opportunities in well-established disciplines of Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Forestry, Microbiology Psychology, Sociology, English, Botany, Mathematics and Tourism & Hospitality. The university will provide the best opportunities for the personal and educational grooming of the students through its highly qualified faculty enabling the students to cope with the challenges of this modern age.

Bachelor of Studies in Computer Science (BS-CS)

The Department of Computer Science at Kohsar University Murree has recently been established with the following Vision and Mission:


The BS in Computer Sciences Department of Computer Sciences is envisioned to equip students with the next generation ICT technologies, not only to provide widespread applications of modern ICT solutions, but also capable of developing new products and apps to address the local and global challenges prevalent as they emerge in diverse domains of life, businesses and industries.


KU Murree will impart and spread knowledge of Computers in the region to take full advantage of IT based economy in order to eliminate the poverty and elevate the living standard of the society. The students will be trained to develop software and tools/Apps and will be playing a pivotal role by interacting with all the multidisciplinary programs offered at University including Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Forestry, Tourism & Hospitality, Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics etc. This will further extend the scope and responsibility of Computer Science in terms of facilitating the R & D in various domains with effective utilization of computing power. The students will be equipped with Computer Languages, Programming, database development, website development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, remote sensing and so on.

BS Computer Science-Introduction

In this era of information and technology, modern scientists must take advantage of cutting-edge data analysis software packages, search the most up-to-date versions of databases and use the very latest research resources.  As a first step, many researchers head to their favorite search engine on the internet to search for their service of choice only to become lost in a myriad of irrelevant links.  Over the past few decades, databases filled with tons of knowledge have grown from a cottage industry that is of interest to every discipline and business around the world. In current era, people seem to have great faith in power of computer and the energetic young generation wants to pursue the carrier in the field of Computer Sciences and IT to keep abreast of technological advances as it is considered one of the leading domains where the opportunities for landing at lucrative jobs but also turning into a job provider by becoming entrepreneurs.

 The development in the field of information technology has enabled the study of as complex challenges as understanding cellular life, revolutionizing health by telemedicine, massive digital information maintenance and analysis weather that pertains to health, agriculture, tourism and hospitality industry, E-commerce, remote sensing and GIS. Big data gathered by various organizations can be used after mining in machine learning projects, predictive modeling and the relevant systems are the important features of the data management architecture of successful R & as well as business organizations. We are living in a time where the artificial intelligence is already playing and will be at forefronts of nation’s development and growth and by becoming skillful, you can offer your services online as per your own convenience in a safe secure comfortable and personal environment.

There is a long list of careers to follow if specialized in the field of Computer Sciences or Information Technology, however, with the progress of the technology, the list will not end here. Presently you should be able to choose any of the followings as your own professional carrier:

Computer Scientist;

Carrying out further research and development. 

Information Technologist;

Setting up an information system in public and private sector.

Software Development;

For the facilitation in almost infinite domains and fields.

Industrial Automation;

Saving time & money and enhancing the business.

Web Development;

You can help numerous public or private sector organizations in showing their true professional face to the world.

Computer Networking;

Take up the challenge to connect the world organizations around by setting up a smart IT infrastructure for them, which is the need of the hour.

Artificial Intelligence;

Establish Quick Decision Support System by analyzing Big-and-Complex data sets.

Computer Graphics;

Sound and Graphics effects in Film Industry as some of the young Pakistanis are already serving with pride in Hollywood.

Image Processing;

An open field for Image processing in the Health Sciences and Country’s’ Defense System.

Computer Animations;

Cartoons, Films, Documentaries, etc.

Game Development;

A billion Dollar industry is open to the innovative game developers.

Remote Sensing and GIS;

Applications in Tourism & Hospitality, Agriculture, Forestry, Water Recourse Management, Town Planning etc. etc.


Being an Entrepreneur, you can set up your own Online Business for the global World.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates holding Intermediate examination certificate in (Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, ICS or Equivalent qualification with at least 50% marks.

You can enjoy studying what you love studying and have a pride and sense of achievement. You’ll learn new innovative ways of doing things. If you have a passion to excel in the technical world, then what are you waiting for? Apply with full confidence in our Department of Computer Sciences, where we are going to offer BS Computer Science (BS-CS)

In order to take the admission in BS-CS, the prior knowledge of the subject Computer Science is not required, neither special background nor ICS in Intermediate is mandatory, We will teach you right from the scratch. However, you should have at least 2nd division in your intermediate (F.Sc. or A-Level) and you are willing to learn with dedication, zeal and handwork. If you satisfy the admissions requirements, you will be admitted in BS-CS Program. Please see the admissions requirements for further information and details given below:

Nomenclature of the Program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Minimum Duration: Number of Years 04,

Number of Semester: 08 (02 semesters/year).

Eligibility/Admission Criteria for BS-CS

  • The candidates holding F.A/F.Sc. or equivalent qualification with relevant subject in which he/she wants to take admission with at least 2nd division and not more than 24 years of age shall be eligible for admission to BS.
  • There is no age limit for disabled students. Applicant for admission to BS Mathematics, Statistics and Botany should have opted for those subjects at intermediate level. The said condition is not applicable to other Programs.
  • The candidate holding 3rd division in FA/FSC or equivalent exam is not eligible for admission in BS or equivalent program in Kohsar University Murree.
  • In case of late sessions, such applicant have to furnish an affidavit to the effect that he/she did not get admission in any Institution in the period intervening between the year of passing the Examination and year of application for admission.
  • Equivalence Certificate of O & A Levels /Intermediate, Certificate awarded by the foreign institutions from the applicants issued by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) is mandatory.
  • Applicants awaiting results must submit Hope Certificate of O & A Levels /Intermediate part 2, provisional admission will be granted subject to the fulfillment of admission criteria.
  • Only those candidates who have Degrees/Certificates duly recognized by HEC shall be eligible to apply.

Offering Campus(es)

  • Kohsar University Murree; Boys Campus and Admin Block (Old RCM) where university is going to establish Smart Class Rooms and labs.

Research facilities

  • Computer Labs with High end computing workstations
  • Smart Campus; A Smart Camus comprises most reliable Internet Connectivity through sufficiently large bandwidth with unlimited data download and upload facilities for both students and Faculty. Thanks to Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Kohsar University Murree is going to establish Smart Camus at Boys and Girls Campuses and Admin Block, Kohsar University Murree,


Since the recent inception of KUM, it has been actively gathering world class faculty and created interdisciplinary/intra and inter-departmental research groups, who collectively take part in the teaching and training programs leading to the degree of BS-CS.

Available Faculty

Services of the most experienced national and international professors and experts are available to the Kohsar University to establish one of the leading national Computer Sciences and IT Institute.

Kohsar University is already have established its linkages with following International institutes:

  • Communications Sensing and Imaging Group, James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom (UK).
  • Fourien Inc. Edmonton, Canada.


The following faculty will join by end of August or early September to further strengthen the Program