Kohsar University


The Kohsar University offers a dedicated and conducive teaching environment as well as excellent research facilities and opportunities in well-established disciplines of Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Forestry, Microbiology Psychology, Sociology, English, Botany, Mathematics and Tourism & Hospitality. The university will provide the best opportunities for the personal and educational grooming of the students through its highly qualified faculty enabling the students to cope with the challenges of this modern age.


Murree is blessed with lush green forests, valuable medicinal plants and rich biodiversity. The sustainable management and development of these invaluable resources need properly educated, adequately trained and dedicated plant biologists. KUM aims at promoting an integral understanding for utilization of plants and to explore underlying mechanisms for promoting eco-friendly environment. Precise emphasis is laid on focusing the application of current advances in Genomics, Plant Physiology, DNA recombinant Technology, Sequencing Methods, Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Gene Transformation, Genetic Engineering, Applied Botany, Phyto-Medicines, GMOs and climate change impact assessment on flora of Pakistan. The Department strives at its best to boost the diverse applications of plants and their products and to tackle emerging issues of the rapidly growing population. Additionally, all our energies are directed towards promoting conducive environment of learning and grooming talent through academic and co-curricular activities. Purpose is to nurture well-trained visionary manpower to shoulder responsibilities in the future scenario of developed Pakistan.


Our vision is to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments.


Our vision is to conduct innovative research, teaching and outreach on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments.

Objectives of the Department

• To promote and understand the importance and scope of the discipline.

Create a scientific attitude to make students open-minded, critical and curious.

• To develop skills in practical work, experiments, Equipments and laboratory use along with the collection and interpretation of biological materials and data.

• To make them aware of Biodiversity, and the importance of its conservation.

• Develop the ability for the application of acquired knowledge in various fields of life sciences to make our country self-sufficient.

Undergraduate study

Title: BS Botany Eligibility Criteria: Pre-Medical or equivalent degree with 45 % Marks Program Introduction Currently, the Department is offering education in basic degrees of Botany at bachelor (BS) level and it is committed to conduct high quality research which will fulfill the needs of the country in general and local population in particular. The program includes diverse range of courses covering both traditional and modern scientific knowledge. The department also offer 6 months’ research training (mandatory) at BS level. However, in future, the department intend to initiate M.Phil and Ph.D level studies. The main purpose is to train students at theoretical and practical levels to make them aware of the importance of plant science and biodiversity.

Career Opportunities

Being an interdisciplinary field the department of Botany has established the following career opportunities.
. Herbal medicine industry
. Agrochemical Industry
. Food Industry
. Forest Services
. Biotechnology Firms
. Oil Industry
. Land Management Agencies
. Seed and Nursery Companies
. Plant Health Inspection Service
. National Parks
. Biological Supply Houses
. Plant Resources Laboratory
. Educational Institutions
. Research institutions
. Pharmaceutical Company
. NGOs working on various projects